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The First International RDE Summit held in Toledo USA

Delegates to the Summit


 Together with numerous senior officers, staff, and observers, including Past International President V.S. Bashir, the Regional Directors Elect, Area Presidents Elect and International Executive Officers gathered to foster global fellowship in an atmosphere of mutual learning.  

The RDE Summit

 The Summit was hosted at the Radisson Hotel at The University Of Toledo from 14-17 November 2019.  

A highlight of the event was a bus tour on Saturday afternoon, covering sites relevant to the life of Judge Alexander, from the time of his birth in 1888 until his death in 1967.  

During a short service at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, the church Judge Alexander attended, his grandson, Alan Otwell, shared a recollection of childhood memories of his grandfather.

Information extracted with Thanks from USA Report.

Read a complete report on the activities from the US Area Organisation Committee

Park Dedication


 The tour moved to the newly-named Judge Paul William Alexander Park (formerly 'Superior Park') for a dedication by Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz. The renaming of the park fulfills another goal of the Legacy Project, achieved with extensive support from Mayor Kapszukiewicz and the City of Toledo.  


Headstone Dedication

 A new headstone now identifies our founder’s previously unmarked grave. Delegates were invited to place single-stemmed roses on the grave and were joined in this commemoration by the 

grandson of Judge Alexander, Alan Otwell and his wife, Sandy.  

Pictured: (L-R) IP Jennifer Jones, PAP Debbie Redmond, Mr Alan & Mrs Sandy Otwell, IPIP Moon Sang-bong, Mr Brad Toft, ISG Jose Varghese, IPE Jacob Kristensen 


Regional Director Bill and Raelene were dressed up for the day by the Club

Canberra Club Celebrate Onam day

The Canberra Club held a Food festival with 400 people attending They were celebrating the Onam Day and were wearing traditional dress. They thought that RD Bill and wife Raelene might like to join in. They had a lovely day with them and beautiful Kerala vegetarian food.


Some of the beautiful Traditional dress on display at the event.

Bendigo Y Service Club Celebrates 80 Years of service

Cake Cutting


The Mayor Margaret O'Rourke,and members Ian, Colin, Peter and Kevin cutting the cake

Bendigo Club's 80th Birthday


The cake

Members in attendance on the day


Current Bendigo Club Members


Listening to the Speakers on the day


Historical Photos on Club activities and members were shown on the big Screen


Club President Colin was MC on the day

International Council Meeting and Area Asia Pacific Convention Happenings


Past International President Moon Sang-bong congratulating new International President Jennifer Jones from the Adelaide Club on her induction as Y's Men International President. Jennifer was installed at the International council meeting in Sendai Japan


Jennifer was also officially inducted as International President for 2019 -20 at the Asia Pacific area Convention also held at Sendai Japan


As part of the opening ceremony Jennifer carried the Y's Men International Banner into the Area Asia Convention 

International Council members for 2019-20


Jennifer Cameron International Director for Y Service Women is part of this group

Area Asia regional Director for 2019-20


Our Australian Regional Director Bill Schmidt      (left end) on stage at the convention

International President Banner


Regional Director Bill accepting International President Banner on behalf of the Australian Region. 

This Banner stays at Jennifer's Club for the 12 months of her Presidency


Regional Director Bill Schmidt carried the Australian Regional Banner into the Convention opening ceremony


Our Regional Banner on display at the Asia Pacific Area Convention


Our international Presidents present, future and past from left to right.

 International President Jennifer Jones and Russel

International President Elect Mr Poul-Henrik Hove Jakobsen, from Denmark and wife Birgit

Immediate Past International President 

Mon Sang-bong


The happy Australian attendee's 


International Director for Y Service Women Jennifer Cameron with Helen Chen Area Director for Asia Pacific (left) and Lisa Tsu from Taiwan


Area President Hiroyuki Tanaka gave an excellent address to delegates at the opening ceremony

Asia Pacific Area President Visits Bendigo Clubs


Area Asia Pacific President Hiroyuki Tanaka Visits our Region.

Regional Director Bill officially welcomes Area President Hiro to the Regional Meeting. A book on the Goldfields was presented to him as a memento of his visit

Geelong Y Service Donates $20,000


Geelong Y Service Club donates $20,000 for new Floor for YMCA Gymnastics Centre.

Geelong YMCA CEO Shona Eland receiving cheque from President Terry Cliff 

Senior Leaders attend Kangaroo Flat Presidents Dinner


We had the privilege of having in attendance the two most  senior leaders of our movement in that Y Service International President Elect  Jennifer Jones and International Director for Y Service Women Jennifer Cameron. We also had the Australian Regional Director for Y Service Women Michelle Janssen  as well as Australian Regional Director Bill Schmidt. 

Canberra Club Activities


Canberra Club has been active this year with $1670 raised for local charities. 

An excellent start for a new Club. Well done.
Above is a photo of them cooking and serving at a charity home in Canberra

$26,000 Refurbishment of the Y Community Hall at Kangaroo Flat



The Y Service Club of Kangaroo Flat's Major project to refurbish the external parts of the Building have been completed.

The refurbishment consisted of the following, Repairs to plumbing ,Repair and restoration of Foundations on the West side of the Building. Removal of peeling paint and sealing and minor repairs to surfaces of the Brickwork. 

Painting of External Walls and some new external Signage

The works carried out were funded by the Y Service Club of Kangaroo Flat and overall costs were close to $26,000. 

These works will see the building in good stead for the next 20+ years.

Righteous Pups Program,



The Kangaroo Flat Y Service Women donated $500 to assist the Righteous Pups Program.

Member Jennifer  with grandson Micka visited the Lockwood site of Righteous Pups to hand over the Cheque for $500 to Kellie and Jim the dog to assist with this excellent program..

 Pictured : (L to R ) Kellie, Jennifer, Jim and Micka  

Paul william Alexander Legacy Project

 The Paul William Alexander Legacy initiative is a series of projects to honour the founder of Y's Men International as we approach the 100th anniversary of our Movement in 2022. Help us to develop and strengthen our organisation Towards 2022 and Beyond. Donate today as an individual or a club.  

Founder Legacy Task Force's visit to Toledo - January 2019

 IP Moon Sang-bong joined co-chairs Debbie Redmond and Kim Sang-chae on a tour of Toledo, Ohio (USA) which included visits to homes that the founder of Y's Men, Judge Paul William Alexander had lived in. The team also went in search of of numerous other landmarks significant to his life - and death.