Y Service Men and Women Contribute Greatly to the Community

Local, Regional and International Contributions

Y Service Club Members volunteer their Time and raise money to improve and better their local communities. International Projects are supported for the same purposes in other countries.

Over the past 10 years Local Bendigo Y Service Clubs have collectively donated over one Million Dollars to Local and International Projects.

Small Local Project Examples
Kangaroo Flat Y Service Club donated $8000 to various small local projects. An example was a $5000 donation to the New well being Centre and Pool in Kangaroo Flat.
Bendigo South Y Service gave $400 to  Bendigo Sustainability Group and $400 to the Bendigo discovery Centre
EagleHawk Y Service Club. In 2017-18 donated over $13,000 to local and International Projects

Ballarat Y Service Club gave $2000 towards the YMCA Open Doors Project in Ballarat

Larger Projects

The Geelong Y Service Club recently donated $20,000 towards the Geelong YMCA Newtown Centre to help offset the cost of a new floor for the Gymnastics Centre.

The Y Service Club of Kangaroo Flat gave $26,000 towards the Painting and Restorative Works on the Y Community Building in Kangaroo Flat

This year to date in excess of $160,000 was donated to local charities including YMCA's throughout the Region.

International Program Support

$9,571 was contributed to International Projects for Y Service International by Local Y Service and Y Service Women's Clubs in Australia . 

Read more about these projects  on the About us Page


The Value of Y Service Women

Australian Region Contributions

Australian Region Contributions to the local Community, YMCA, Y's Men International Projects and Programs and Y Service Women International Projects was just on
A$20,000 last year.

Financial Support for Australian Region YMI Programs and Projects such as Alex Fund, Brotherhood Fund and Global Projects was A$1800

YMI Project "Roll Back Malaria" was supported by Y Service Women with a direct donation of A$900

Y Service Women have their own International Projects which they supported by donating A$1800
Read about their Projects on the Y Service Women Section


Movie Mornings

Bendigo Y Service Women have raised over $20,000 with their Movie Mornings since 2009 for local and other charities

A Fantastic Effort from 6 Australian Region Clubs. Well Done!