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Our Logo and Motto : "To acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right."

In the Australian Region Y Service Clubs are community based service Clubs for both men and women. Historically club work centered around the local YMCA but as the YMCA changed so has the role of the Y Service Clubs.
Many clubs still have strong links to their local YMCA , however a lot of community work is also carried out with local community projects supported.

In Australia Clubs operate as either Y Service or Y Service -Women Clubs

There are 5 main areas that a member of a Y Service Club experiences
Strong Local Community Contact
Fund Raising Activities
Local Community Building
Leadership and Personal Development
Socializing in a Fun and Exciting Manner

International Opportunities

Each club belongs to the International Association of Y's Men’s Clubs, with its headquarters
in Geneva, Switzerland.
Over half the countries with YMCA's have Y's Men and Women service clubs.
Around 30,000 Y's Men and Women are at work in  over 70 countries around the world..
This offers local members to participate in International programs to make the world a better place.
In the Australian Region Local Clubs are known generally as Y Service Clubs.

Community Service

International Projects and Programs

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